Welcoming Dan to our Staff (and in residence)!

Welcoming Dan to our Staff (and in residence)!

With Tim and Carl now gone, Mindy and Michael are stretched a bit thin trying to cover all the times we need a staff person at church. With a nod from the Admin. SLG, they began looking around for some additional help.

Serendipitously, Dan showed up from Akron. On his second internship in Philly, he’d been referred to Old First from Michael’s colleague and friend, Bob, who is serving now as the designated minister at 1st/Akron… as a new young adult in town looking for a church home. Dan showed up on a Saturday when Michael happened to be covering the Saturday Morning Breakfast. As they talked, and Dan talked about all the ways he’d been involved in his home church… and “that everything in Philly was great, except for a less than ideal living arrangement,” Michael began to wonder if maybe Dan might be involved at Old First more than just a worshiper?

Dan will be moving in to the Fox Building and will be helping with tasks that Carl and Tim covered, and maybe a bit of help in the office too in exchange for his living space. (We promise not to overwork him!) As you will see in the intro, he provides below, he already has a 9 to 5 job, so he will mostly be around “off hours.” He will be with us at least until September.

And Mindy and Michael are looking forward to his joining the staff team and helping out around church! They ask everyone else to welcome Dan too…

“I come to Old First from First Congregational Church in Akron, Ohio. After growing up in Akron, I attended school at UMass in Amherst, MA, majoring in Sport Management with the goal of being involved in community and non-profit work in sports. I am currently interning full-time in Philadelphia for the second time with Eagles Youth Partnership, the non-profit foundation of the Philadelphia Eagles that does literacy work and vision care for school age kids around the city.

I was was very involved in my home church from a young age, serving in leadership groups as a youth member and working for the church on multiple occasions.

I am thrilled to be here, living and helping out at Old First — and as an involved young person in the congregation. I have already experienced the great hospitality that many of the members at Old First have provided and look forward to getting to know everyone more in the coming weeks and months.”