Welcoming our German Interns

As you probably know, we have 2 guests who will be arriving in mid-May to learn from us and share congregational life with us.  They plan to help us do some of the items that have been identified by the architects to improve the Sanctuary. They will be staying in the Christian Education (CE) Building on the third floor.  The apartment could use some work before they get there.  You are invited to help us make it more welcoming, if you are able.  The first way of helping is to clean the apartment.  It hasn’t been used in awhile and it’s a little dusty.  It needs to be vacuumed, dusted, some dirt could be cleaned off the walls, the curtains need to be washed and the inside of the refrigerator needs to be cleaned, though it is in good shape.  If you could help with any of the cleaning, please let Teresa know at the office.

The other kind of help we could use is some donations.  There’s no vacuum, so a small vacuum would be helpful.  They could use some bath towels, bed pillows and a small dinette or kitchen table and 2 chairs.  The kitchen is fairly well furnished.  If you have any extras of the above listed items, gently used and clean, it would make them feel more at home.

Thank you all for your consideration, Teresa