Well Done Good and Faithful Servant

Well Done Good and Faithful Servant

​Many thanks to Barry Evans who persevered for the last couple of years in leading us through over 30 sessions of the Biblical/Theological series “Jesus, the Forgiving Victim” Sunday mornings in the Social Hall before worship.

Thanks to the technical support of John Owens, we were able to watch the videos of theologian James Allison’s remarkable and unorthodox approach to Scripture and Christian Tradition. we were left with a lot to think about and not a few challenges to how we have understood our faith.

Barry’s sessions provided us the opportunity to discuss with one another what we believe and why we believe it regarding Scripture, Jesus, and the role of Christians and the Church today.

For those of us who participated as we were able, we were informed, challenged and stretched in our understanding of our own personal faith, and the faith of others.

Barry, from all of your series participants, and from Old First as a whole, thank you for your generosity of time and spirit, knowledge and passion for the faith.