Wellspring Outreach Update (there are changes!)

Wellspring Outreach Update (there are changes!)

We are currently without a Coordinator for our Outreach ministries. Tim K. has accepted a job offer at Mercy-Fitzgerald hospital and will be leaving our community this weekend.

The short-term response is that the responsibilities will be covered by people within the church and other volunteers who step forward. If you are interested in helping out, please speak with Steve W. or another member of the Outreach SLG, the church office or the pastor.

The long-term response is that we are looking for potential candidates to fill the Wellspring Coordinator position as soon as possible or for a summer run and on into the next year. If you know of any potential candidates, plese send the our way.

If you need to contact someone regarding volunteering or Outreach events at Old First, you can still email volunteer@oldfirstucc.org. I am answering all emails and scheduling volunteers for the shelter and cupboard, and answering questions about our ministries. (I am also managing the Wellspring Outreach Coordinator Facebook page.) Any emails sent to this email regarding service camps or special volunteer opportunities will be forwarded to Mindy at admin@oldfirstucc.org because she is handling those areas.

The Saturday Cupboard will be functioning under the guidance of the Wellspring Outreach SLG and regular volunteers. There is a core group of Old First volunteer leaders present on Saturday mornings, and they will be stepping up to fulfill the duties usually handled by the Coordinator. If you are interested in offering leadership toward this is opening, please see Steve W. or Clark D.

Shelter dinner groups will be greeted by Michael or Mindy each evening. If you are interested in being the host/greeter for a shelter dinner group, please contact the church office via phone or email.

Service camps are being scheduled through Mindy for the time being. Hannah C. has a reflection guide and there is a small group of people that will be assisting with this aspect of the service camps. I will be acting as Orientation host as groups arrive to Old First for their service camp. If you have the time and would like to help out with hosting service camps, please contact Mindy.

If you know of someone who would be interested in the Volunteer Coordinator position (into next year or for a shorter time, like this Spring or summer), please have them submit their resume to the church office. They can submit via mail or email admin@oldfirstucc.org.

The immediate tasks of this position short term would be hosting visiting Service Camps and organizing volunteers for the Cuboard and providing Saturday morning oversight. Primary responsibilities include greeting, spending time with volunteers, and communicating via email, Facebook, and telephone with potential volunteers.

There are discussions about transforming this into a permanent position at Old First.

Candidates need to be outgoing, self-starters with great communication skills and a willingness to go the extra mile. For official job description you can contact Michael C, Steve W, or me.

See you in church,

Billi C.