We’re Back and There’s a Pool Party

Gays Night Out & Sunday Brunch – We’re back and it’s a Pool Party

September is here, and the weather is all Crazy! Good Lord!

With so many events happening right at the beginning of this month, I wanted to end with Summer with a last pool event in NJ. I’m happy to announce that Woody has graciously accepted to host another Pool Party!

Join us on September 23rd from 3p to 6p at Woody’s residence [contact us for the address]. We’re excited to have this opportunity during the hectic month of September. Woody has extended his pool, use of his grill, and bathroom facilities…pretty sweet deal for not paying any dues. The party is BYOB & BYOF (Bring Your Own Food), but don’t worries we’ve have hot dogs, sodas, and water ready for you! And please…its a party so bring your friends, neighbors, cute boys for Michael and Woody, and female companions too!!  

Remember Gays Night Out (GNO) events are inclusive and we welcome you to invite people from various backgrounds to our events. We hope to build this community and build relationships with those willing to grow with us from beyond the church walls. This will be the event for the last Sunday Brunch Series.

If you have any questions regarding the event, please email John Owens (programassistant@oldfirstucc.org) or Rev. Caine (pastor@oldfistucc.org). Please contact if your are interested in joining. 

John O.

Program Assistant