We’re getting an upgrade!

ofr old web siteWe’ve had the current rendition of the Old First Web site since 2011. It’s served us well. Nearly everyone who visits Old First tells us that they checked us out first on the Web. Looking at us virtually gives visitors the chance to get a sense of our congregation before they take the step of visiting on a Sunday. And our Web site also helps us keep current Old Firsters in the loop about events and news. Plus, it’s an important resource for volunteers and others who need basic info like our address or directions.

Still, we’ve had this one long enough that it’s time to think about improvements. Fortunately, generous members of our community are making this effort possible. Old First member Bula B. is providing terrific help with our identity and branding strategy through his marketing firm, Giant Sky. And a new Old Firster, Chris B-E, is offering his photographic services to help us tell our story visually (adding to the photos that another, but no so “newbie” Roxy C. has been taking for us). Look for him to be taking some photos during worship, Fellowship Hour, Sunday School and other events in the coming weeks. You might want to check out his impressive portfolio.

Thanks to the generosity of Bula and Chris, who are offering their considerable talents to us, the costs for this upgrade will be quite low. The out-of-pocket costs will be covered by an angel gift.

So please thank Bula and Chris and (our angel — ok, in your prayers since its an anonymous gift!) when you see them. And smile when Chris approaches with his camera!

Note: If you would prefer that your image not be included in our Web site, please just let Michael or me know. We’ll be happy to remove any such images from the collection before they are posted. (And we will be following up with parents, getting signed releases for the photos of any children we wish to use… and we never use children’s names associated with images on the Web.)