We're Invited to Monumental Baptist (our old house of worship)!

We're Invited to Monumental Baptist (our old house of worship)!

Have you heard about Old First having built 5 church buildings on 3 properties in its almost 300 years of ministry? Ever wondered about those other properties?

We received a letter from the Rev. Dr. J. Wendell Mapson, Jr., the pastor of Monumental Baptist Church this week, at 50th and Locust, where Old First resided before moving back to its first property and third building in 1967. (Jackie is the only person currently active at church who can remember 50th and Locust; but Marie will probably join us for this one!)

But now we have a chance to go back visiting. Monumental Baptist is celebrating its 190th Anniversary this year. (Such babies in the faith — we will be 290 next year!) They will culminate a full year of celebrations with a worship service on December 4. They are inviting all five of the churches with whom they have historical connections:

First African Baptist Church — that in 1826 supplied Monumental with their first pastor, the Rev. George Black.
Mount Carmel Baptist Church — that was birthed from Monumental in 1882.
Pinn Memorial Baptist Church — that was birthed from Monumental in 1906.
Old First — that sold them their current church home in 1967.
St. James Pentecostal Church — that bought their previous church building in 1967.

It sounds like a great day of church —
~ remembering that we are involved in a Christian mission with so many others,
~ looking back at a bit of our history,
~ getting to see some diversity of church traditions, and
~ maybe even leaving with some ideas for our upcoming Anniversaries (especially our 300th in 2027!)

I am writing my colleague, the Rev. Dr. Mapson, that Old First will be in the house with a strong delegation giving thanks for their first 190 years of service in Christ’s name and promising them prayers for the next 190…

I hope you will put this date on your calendar (you can’t say we didn’t give you enough notice), and join us to see where we have been and to give thanks for who sisters and brothers are still using that sacred space for Christ’s ministry…