What Advent-Christmas Traditions Do You Hold Dear?

What Advent-Christmas Traditions Do You Hold Dear?

Although it seems Advent and Christmas are far away, we are starting to gather energy and ideas for our annual pageant. The children, as well as some adults will be sharing their vast array of gifts to put together a hopefully touching and poignant Advent-Christmas pageant during worship on Sunday, December 18.

We would like to frame this year’s pageant in the form of a “live” Advent calendar! As many of you are familiar, you can purchase Advent calendars to use throughout the season, in which each day of Advent you pop open a window and there is a different reading or theme, and sometimes chocolate, depending on where you purchased your advent calendar!  Our idea is to create a “live” version of this calendar, in which there is a special Advent-Christmas tradition for each “pop-open” day of Advent in our live calendar!

This is where you come in! You’ll find a tear-off sheet in the bulletin, asking for any of your cherished Advent and Christmas family traditions. We would love to hear of any special and unique traditions you have enjoyed in your own families, whether fairly new or passed down through generations. Once we have a solid number of traditions compiled, we will be able to construct a festive and diverse pageant including many of these traditions. They will be presented either musically – instrumental and/or vocal, through the spoken word, movement or short skits.

We would like to receive as many of these traditions as possible by October 30. At that time we will be creating our script and have all that we need in order to plan and create a quality “production” that will be meaningful for our whole community!

Please fill out your sheet and drop it into the special Advent Traditions box located in the Lower Narthex, as you enter or leave the building.

Thank you so much for your time and energy in co-creating this special Advent-Christmas pageant!

In the Peace of Christ,

Holly Phares, Artist in Residence

Julius DeAngelus, Co-Christian Education Director

Maranda Piccirilli, Co-Christian Education Director