What Are All These Pictures About

What Are All These Pictures About

Last week, Jennie T. was with us in worship, taking photographs and video of us at worship and at the potluck. And Jenn C. has been prowling around the sanctuary for some weeks with her camera. And for the next couple of weeks, Kristen M. is going to join the Paparazzi.

And what was this last week, a group of people stayed after church — most of the afternoon — to shoot a video. Who were they? Why them and not others? What video is this?

Remember the Partners for Sacred Places program that Mike W., Nancy, Suzanne and Michael were in last year? It was called “New Dollars, New Partners.” Much of that was to create an effective case statement for our church, its missions and ministries. Something we can use to help us articulate who we are and what we are about. An accessible expression that we can share with others.

Our leaders finished that program and came up with a pretty descriptive, even evocative way of telling who we are as Old First. But it occurred to them that it might be more usable if it wasn’t just in print form, but also in some video incarnation. So we could show it to people, not just leave them a brochure.

And add it to our website. And ask people to share it with their social media contacts.

That’s what all these pictures are about. Since to be accessible, the message has to be pointed and concise, a few people were chosen to represent the greater themes and values and community of our church. Getting powerful images of the people and the places and the work of our church for this video is turning out to be more work that one might expect.

So smile if someone asks to take your picture. (And if you do not want to be pictured in the final cut of the video, smile anyway, but let Suzanne or Michael know to make sure your image isn’t used.)

And keep this effort in your prayer, please. It’s new territory for us. But if the conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra is telling Margaret R. and the rest of the audience at the Kimmel Center to take out their phones and video and share a part of the performance, this is something the church needs to be learning to do too!