No church this Sunday, Sept 27!

No church this Sunday, Sept 27!

Undoubtedly some will be joining the masses (pun intended) to be in his presence.
Others will be hosting folks at their homes who are in town to join the crowds.
Others will stay home and try to stay out of the hubub.
Some are escaping, getting out of town before all the security gates are closed and the drawbridges raised!

None of us will be at Old First on Sunday morning, Sept. 27, because our service is being cancelled. But, hopefully, all of us will be praying for the success and safety and sanctity of the Pope’s visit… and for our fair city’s graciously hosting.

But if you want something else to do –especially something churchy in a more Protestant form — here are two options:

~ if you really want or need “some Old First” that week, we will be holding a relaxed, alternative service on Thursday evening, Sept. 24 from 6:30 to 7 in the Sanctuary, one of our informal, small group worship experiences. Join us and bring a friend.

~ if you can’t imagine missing church on Sunday, Sept. 27, visit any congregation you can make it to. Church is church. And seeing how another Christian community does things can be reinvigorating and inspiring. You might even want to use this “What Can We Learn from a Church Visit” questionaire to think about what you are experiencing in a different church / tradition and what we might take from your experience to use at Old First.

And once the Pope has visited and left, life will go back to normal… or as normal as it ever gets.

And hopefully, we will see you all back in church,