What Christmas Meant this Season…

What Christmas Meant this Season…

While the Creche has been up in the front courtyard, Old First has been encouraging visitors to write and share “what Christmas means to them this year.” We have received many wonderful responses that we want to share, as the Christmas season winds down.

“Came here Christmas Eve not knowing anyone. I walked, sang, and laughed. Fantastic way to get into the season. Christ is born.” 

“The health of my family. November was spent visiting family in the hospital. All were home for Christmas.”

“It means to give unexpectedly. To even give a conversation to a stranger. To be a walking vessel of pain for to share the spirit of the truth of Christ. Give them good advice and guidance. For those who do evil, love them first.”

“God bless Everyone. Everywhere. No exceptions! That is what Christianity should be teaching our youth.”

“Always family and thankful for the struggles we survived together.”

“Emmett- For cheer and celebrating Jesus’ birth.      Emma- Celebrating the birth of Jesus and all the work he’s going to do for us.    Maria- Joy and reflecting on the blessings on my family.”

“That as a nation we must come together to protect all, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, ability, sexual orientation.”

“Christmas promises me that God is ever there and can make something miraculous out of my mess.”

“Being with family and friends. Season of giving, and remembering loved ones who have moved on.”

“Love and spending time with my family. My brother and I love coming here every year, just like we did growing up.”

“Thank you for not keeping the animals out here all the time. If it were so nice, the humans would camp out too.”