What We Don't See Is Still Important

What We Don't See Is Still Important

This isn’t a message about The Spirit, though that is certainly very important. Rather, this is about something that most of us have never seen, but have relied on for many, many, many years: the boiler for the main building.

The boiler is many years past its service life, but through good maintenance and good fortune it has lasted until now. In the last 2 months, both our regular maintenance provider and the engineer hired by the architect have independently told us that the boiler needs to be replaced.

Replacing the boiler will mean not having hot air or hot water for a period of time. Because of that and Old First’s busy programmatic calendar, in particular the shelter, we will likely be calling a congregational meeting over the summer to request authorization to replace of the boiler, using Capital Campaign funds.

The main Capital Campaign work will be presented, discussed, and decided on in the Fall. It is only because of seasonal requirements that we are going to accelerate the process for the boiler.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to speak to anyone on the Administrative SLG.


Jonathan V.