What Would Give Visitors a Taste of Old First?

What Would Give Visitors a Taste of Old First?

Is it too early to think of Advent and Christmas?

A leader from the Old City Civic Association showed up this week to tell us that they’d like to organize a tour of the historic congregations in the neighborhood. They would like Old First to be one of their stops along the way.

Their tentative plan is to have this tour on Sunday afternoon, December 4, the second Sunday of Advent.

On the tentative schedule I have begun to draft for the upcoming program year and have shared with leaders, we will have decorated the Sanctuary the night before. So it will be beginning to look like Christmas…

The creche will be up. Maybe we can even organize for the animals to be here by that Sunday…

But each congregation is being asked to provide something that gives a flavor of its community and of their mission.

What Could Old First Offer Visitors To Help Them Know And Appreciate Who We Are and What We Do? (If you have suggestions, Michael would love to hear them– even before we’ve figured out which Standing Leadership Group might be responsible for such an event!)