What's Going on at Church for the Next Few Weeks

What's Going on at Church for the Next Few Weeks

I’ve noticed that the worshiping congregation is becoming more erratic. That sounds funny! What I mean by that is that everyone’s attendance seems more irregular, even less frequent. There’s no mass exodus from church. But notably, there are more Sundays when almost everyone has something else to do.

I’m not trying to shame anyone! But it makes me wonder. Is there something to be learned from this? At the least it’s a reality about our church life we need to accept and work around creatively, because I think there are implications to this all. It makes fellowship and community life more complicated — as it’s easier to miss someone without even realizing you are missing them. It also makes our volunteer corps. more complex — harder to organize, and perhaps a bit thinner.

If you have any ideas about all this, I’d like to hear them!

In that spirit of acknowledgment and creative response, I want to let you know what’s on our schedule for the end of the program year. (If folks aren’t in worship with as much regularity, for instance, Sunday morning announcements don’t have as much effect. And I wouldn’t want you to miss a service that you’d want to participate in!)

Sunday, 05.24: Pentecost, when we celebrate the giving of the Holy Spirit and the birth of the Church. It is traditional to wear red to worship that day. And sometimes the Sanctuary is even decorated for that day…

Sunday, 05.31: Confirmation Sunday: we will welcome Alexa, Eric, McKenna and Meg into adult membership in the church — as they confirm promises that their parents made from them at baptism. As it turns out, we’ll be having some baptisms that day too!

Sunday, 06.07: Sunday School Sunday (I like that repititiousness!) when we celebrate and give thanks for a crucial ministry that happens before most of us even arrive at church. A chance to hear a bit about what the kids have learned. And to thank the faithful volunteer teachers.

Sunday, 06.14: Music Sunday, when we give thanks for the ways that the Choir and Louis and others on occasion add to our experience of God in worship.

Sunday, 06.21: the first of our Summer Sundays when we begin worship at 10 a.m. (If you show up as we are finishing, we might just guess you haven’t been in worship for awhile!)