Stewardship Promises on Sunday, Nov. 11 as part of Worship

Stewardship Promises on Sunday, Nov. 11 as part of Worship

… store up treasures for yourselves in heaven, where neither moth nor woodworms destroy them and thieves cannot break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. — Matthew 6: 20-21

As part of worship on Sunday, Nov. 11, members and friends of Old First will be asked to make their stewardship pledges for 2013. Pledge cards will be in the worship bulletins. You may also make a confidential pledge on-line at any time via this electronic pledge card.

There are decisions to be made every day.  Our daily decisions include what to select from our closet to wear, what to have for dinner, and when to go to sleep.  There are monumental decisions that come along less frequently that include where to live, what career to pursue, whether to marry, and whether or not to have a living will.  The choices we have in modern society can be daunting, especially when there are no appealing choices or there are simply too many choices available.

During this year’s stewardship campaign, I am inviting us to think about the many choices we make about our time, talent and treasure.  How does our faith inform our small, medium, and large decisions?  How do our choices reflect God’s priorities for us, our congregation, our region, and the world?  As suggested by the verses above, how does the use of our time, talent and treasure demonstrate our devotion to God?

The decisions associated with living faithfully never end.  As I see it, we continually reveal our evolving faith to ourselves, one another, and the world by the decisions we make every day.  At Old First, we can be inspired by the faithful decisions of others.  In worship on October 28 we heard from Margaret Rohdy and on November 4 we’ll hear from Jonathan Vogan about their faithful decisions pertaining to stewardship.

The decisions are ours and here are few choices to consider:

  • Decide to worship more frequently.  A time to pray, to sing, to read the Bible, to contemplate our place in the world, to mingle with other saints-in-the-making.
  • Decide to pledge in 2013.  Pledges are confidential and simply indicate the amount of money you intend to contribute to Old First in the coming year.  This is important for church budget planning, but moreover pledging influences our financial decisions throughout the year.
  • Decide to direct a larger percentage of your treasure to Old First.  This can apply to households with increasing, steady, or decreasing incomes.  Challenge yourself to compare the current distribution of your treasure and your faithful priorities.  Adjustments designed to align faith and treasure lead to spiritual discipline and faith that are in sync.
  • Decide to give electronically.  Work with your bank to find a way to deliver your pledge on a regular basis to Old First.  It’s a decision that can be faithful and save time.

Let these choices serve to inspire you to make faithful decisions.  Please use the pledge card for 2013 to articulate your commitment to Old First in the coming year. Use the reverse side to write how your stewardship reflects your faithful decision.  Pledges will be received during worship on Sunday, November 11 (or mail them in early if you must miss worship).

May God guide our decisions as we prayerfully consider the faithful uses of our blessings.  And may our faithful decisions let us walk closer to God.

In service,

Karen Winey, Director of Stewardship