Where to Find OF Outreach on FB

Where to Find OF Outreach on FB

For several years now, Facebook has been an important way for Old First to stay connected and for those who don’t attend our church to see what we do. This includes all of the important outreach work and ministry that happens through Old First.

For the last few years, our Outreach ministries have had their own separate Facebook page. As a part of my commitment to helping the church engage more deeply in outreach work, we will be closing the Wellspring page and posting all Outreach-related things on the Old First Facebook page.

I believe that this streamlining will help people who are new to our work to understand how our outreach programs are a direct reflection of our church life. It will also reduce confusion among our volunteers and our staff (“Did we post that to the Wellspring page or the main page? Should we post it on both?”).

So, if you have Facebook and haven’t “Liked” the “Old First Reformed UCC” page, do so now to see pictures, articles, and updates related to our Outreach work, and invite your friends to follow us as well!

John B.
Outreach Minister

John Bergen