Where We Are with "End of Life" (next session 06.05 after worship)

Where We Are with "End of Life" (next session 06.05 after worship)

At our May session of “Approaching the End of Life,” we began looking into the medical complexities, choices and decisions that create challenges as we age and move towards the end of our lives.

Darla shared with us three questions suggested by the physician Atul Gawande for thinking about one’s medical situation as one approaches life’s end:

What are your fears about what is to come?

What are your goals — what you wish to yet accomplish — as time runs out?

What trade-offs are you willing to make?

Greta spoke with us about some of the difficulties physicians encounter as they try to engage patients in these sorts of considerations.

She also shared with us with a resource that the health center where she serves as the medical director uses to help patients begin to consider the choices and decisions they have. To prepare for the next session, Greta asked that we read through “Your Conversation Starter Kit: When It Comes to End of Life Care, Talking Matters.”

The next session of “Approaching the End of Life” will take place on Sunday, June 5 after worship.

We will again attend to the medical situations that we encounter at the end of life. The June session will include case studies to help us think with each other about the various ways we think about and make such decisions.

(And remember to bring your brown bag lunch!)

If you have any questions, please speak with Darla or Greta, Bobbie or Michael.