Where'd the Fence Signs Go?

Where'd the Fence Signs Go?

This week someone took down some of the Faith Story fence signs. Perhaps they found “The Reasons People Come to OUR Church” so compelling that they wanted to have them at home and study them some more! We’re just not sure…

For some time, we’ve known it was time to make some changes in our “exhibition” and add some new ones. That was one of the recommendations in the report on the Covenant Ministry. As well, before relocating to Richmond, Tim H. redesigned the website’s display page for our “Reasons” campaign — so it better showcases our diverse faith around Old First. Anyway, passersby won’t pay much attention if they believe they’ve already seen the message. As well, we have so many new people around church since we first posted the signs, it will be good to hear how they might explain what church, faith or God add to their lives. You never know whose experience or articulation of it will be just the right message for someone wandering by! Could you sharing your story be part of how God brings someone to church?

For the time being, we’ve posted the red and black “Still Speaking” and “Why I Love My Church” signs. Though not our personal stories, their brevity and catchy phrases always get people’s attention. If you haven’t seen them before, you might want to check them out when you are around church. (A few of those were taken too, so we are ordering 3 replacements.)

I have already asked a few people if they would like to try writing out their faith story– for the website and the front fence. Basically, they were people who responded to last week’s e-pistle. And I have some other people in mind, folks who think about these sorts of questions, and might be courageous enough to “go public” in hopes of helping someone else.

But this is an open invitation. Do you have reasons to share about the difference that participating around here makes in your life or in the world? Would you be willing to try penning a concise statement? Think of it as “advertising copy” — fewer words and captivating images work best. (We can make a bit more room for the on-line display, but the signs only work on the fence if people can more or less read them as they walk by!)

You can get some ideas from the one’s already on the website. And send me what you’d like to share. I like to be surprised when someone just writes me out of the blue. And I look forward to hearing more about your faith and experience.