Where's Adult Education at Old First Headed?

Where's Adult Education at Old First Headed?

On Sunday, Sept. 22, a group of about 20 people both new and old to Adult Forum met to discuss possibilities for the year’s adult education program. The discussion was led by Margaret Ernst, one of the YASC Community Ministers, who as part of her 6 hours a week work at Old First hopes to organize and lead our adult Christian education efforts.

In the conversations both before and after worship, people talked about the best of what Adult Forum has brought to Old First in the past and ideas for new directions that reflect our deepest interests as individuals and a congregation.

Through this conversation, some themes emerged as values that will guide both the content and the format of adult education for the year. I summarize them below, with respect and gratitude for all who contributed:

-We aim to engage with a variety of topics and mediums for exploring them.
-We benefit from participatory education that empowers us to share about our lives, and hear about others’.
-We learn best when these stories reflect the diversity of Old First in all of our ages and images.
-We seek to create a safe space for meaningful engagement across difference in perspective and experience.

In addition to brainstorming underlying values for adult education at Old First, we identified a handful of topics that folks are interested in including in Adult Forum this year. We ask you to send your own ideas through email this week to Margaret and Yajeh (our Christian Education Standing Group Leader) via Mindy (officeadminstrator@oldfirstucc.org) in the church office with the goal of starting our first series on October 13th.

Following are the topics brought up already for a possible series or one-time session:

-Book discussion: Rainbow Theology: Bridging Race, Sexuality, and Spirit, by Patrick Cheng
-Listening to and expressing our spiritual autobiographies/memoirs
-What really does the UCC believe?
-Advent Bible Study (with Bob Robinson leading the discussion of the season’s bible texts)

We look forward to developing a fall and winter program that captures your ideas and feedback, and to having an invigorating experience in Adult Education all year long.


Margaret Ernst
YASC Community Minister