Who Will do Reflections for the Good Friday Evening Service?

Who Will do Reflections for the Good Friday Evening Service?


March 29 @ 7 pm (in the Sanctuary and online) 

It has been Old First’s tradition that the people of the church offer reflections on Good Friday at the evening service. Our people are searching and poignant; and their reflections are often quite moving. They have made this evening service one of our most memorable, annual worship experiences. You might consider joining us, in the Sanctuary or online, even if you don’t think of yourself as the kind of Christian who goes to Holy Week Services? 

We have seven Gospel passages covering parts of as many themes of the Passion: 

Trial, Torture, Crucifixion, Reviling, Rejection, Death, Burial.

Each of the Gospel passages has a responsorial psalm the Congregation will read. They are paired thematically, so they are listed together. Your reflection might also reference the Psalm.

All kinds of people have offered reflections on Good Friday over the years. And the reflections have taken all kinds of different forms and shapes. Some are intensely personal. Some are philosophical or poetic or scholarly. People speak in their own voices, in some sort of preaching voice, sometimes even “first person” in Jesus’ voice. 

So do not think you are the kind of person who could never do this! No one is too young. Or too new to our community. Or too old. Or even too shy. These reflections are not reserved for some special class of community members. Often they feel so special because we are just learning that one of our “neighbors in church”( who we didn’t know this about) has these kinds of thoughts, beliefs, questions, concerns shared in their reflection. 

We are looking for one person, either in the Sanctuary or from home, to offer an approximately 4 minute reflection on each of the seven Gospel passages (and also perhaps the accompanying Psalm). Please read through them and see if there is one you would like to work on. If so, let Michael know (before someone else claims the reflection God has placed on your heart!). 


FIRST LESSON: Trial – John 18.28-40 

     Congregational Response: Psalm 41.7-10

SECOND LESSON: Torture – Matthew 27.24-34 

     Congregational Response: Psalm 69.7-11

THIRD LESSON: Crucifixion – John 19.17-24, 28 

     Congregational Response: Psalm 22.12-18 

FOURTH LESSON: RevilingMark 15.25-32 

     Congregational Response: Psalm 109.1-4, 21-27 

FIFTH LESSON: Rejection – Matthew 27.45-49 

      Congregational Response: Psalm 22.1-8

SIXTH LESSON: Death Luke 23.44-49 

      Congregational Response: Psalm 34.15-20 

SEVENTH LESSON: BurialJohn 19.31-42 

     Congregational Response: Psalm 16.8-11