Who's On Pastoral Relations and What Do They Do?

Who's On Pastoral Relations and What Do They Do?

The plan, coming out of the Pastoral Relations Ministry Team meeting with Michael in October, was that its members would serve communion in December, when they expected to be in church. The idea was that such “exposure” would help them to be identified and remembered. (One might say it’s a good sign, that they’re around, but haven’t been called into service.)

When Michael wrote them a couple of weeks ago, schedules had become more complicated. So he decided that, instead, we’d ask members of the committee who interviewed architects to serve communion… as a way to lift up and thank them.

It turned out that their schedules were just as busy. This is a reality of our contemporary church life– everyone so busy that people are coming and going from church, and it’s hard to get any group together at one time.

So, in the spirit of making do, Michael decided that he’s just cobble together communion servers from both groups, whoever was in church.

Introduced communion, he called Dan R. explaining, “the other members couldn’t be with us today.” Greta raised her hand. Michael, totally forgetting she was a member, just thought she was offering to help him in a bind (that is after all one way of looking at what Pastoral Relations is about!), but he said, “It’s ok, I’ll get people from the other committee.”

Greta, very sweetly, made fun of Michael after worship. “You forgot I was on Pastoral Relations, didn’t you?”

Yes he did! If Michael can’t remember who’s on there, Lord help the rest of us!!!

So, the ministry team is:
Jane A.,
Russ C.,
Susan D.,
Greta S., and
Dan R.

Why’s that important? Well, because if you have a concern you wish to speak with any of them about, it’ll work better to know who they are.

Why would you want to talk with someone on the Pastoral Relation Ministry Team? Well, it’s their responsibility to support and maintain an open and healthy relationship between the pastor and congregation members.

They act as a sounding board for the pastor and support the pastor’s leadership. To support a positive relationship between the pastor and the congregants, this team will function to advise and support the pastor.

In its advisory capacity, the team will share suggestions, expectations, and concerns of members of the congregation with the pastor.

In its support role, the team will assist the congregation in understanding the roles, responsibilities, needs and expectations of the pastor.

Ultimately the committee’s goal is to enhance the effectiveness of Old First.

The members are available by conventional or electronic means of communication. All discussions with the team or individual members of the team will be held in confidence.