Why does Old First Do Hospitality & Greeting Different Than Other Churches?

Why does Old First Do Hospitality & Greeting Different Than Other Churches?

We want to greet newcomers effectively and well. And we need our folks to hang around after worship. It’s about building up community amongst us. But we don’t want just a few women stuck with kitchen duties all the time. And we believe the whole community ought to be responsible for and involved in hospitality and welcome.

So what do we do? We divide the whole congregation into teams and ask everyone to take turns helping out. Right now, there are 8 teams, so we are only asking people to serve in this capacity — as our “Sunday Hosts” — every 8 weeks .

What’s it involve?

~ If you can, bring some food on the Sunday you serve.

~ Getting to church a little early that week, to get organized in the kitchen with your team and to set up the Social Hall tor the fellowship hour that takes place after worship.
~ Making sure someone is greeting at the front door before worship.
~ After service, it’s caring for the fellowship-food-table, and

~ Perhaps, most importantly of all, making any newcomers to the community feel welcome and meet other folks from this community (no one likes to stand alone!).

It is a great help for the church. and you get a fairly low demand service opportunity at a convenient time and working alongside good people. It’s often how newcomers among us, when they join a team, begin making friends at church.

If you are not on an Old First Hospitality Team, would you be? Please contact Peter B., our Hospitality Leader. Or you can speak with the pastor.

Anyone — whether a member of the church or not — can participate. Thanks for pitching in…
Peter B., Hospitality Leader