Will You Support Public Education Funding in Harrisburg on Tues., June 28?

Will You Support Public Education Funding in Harrisburg on Tues., June 28?

We need everyone to turn out. Parents. Grandparents. Kids too.

We have the Capital’s Rotunda reserved. We need to make a loud noise and show some strength.

The media may have grown tired and bored with the struggle for full and fair funding for public education. But we can’t. Why? Because our children aren’t going to get another chance for second or sixth grade… or for middle or high school.

POWER has been in Harrisburg every Tuesday since May. Why? Because we are going to make sure that EVERYONE — especially legislators in the state capitol — know that the Education Funding Crisis won’t go away. Neither will problems that this lack of support causes right now and in years to come.

Neither will the advocates for a full, fair, funding formula go away. Or be quiet.

Michael C. and Barbara G. have each been there 3 times with other POWER leaders.

One week, we served warrants to the legislators most responsible for the budget and education — for child neglect and fiscal malfeasance. (There were big, flashy wanted posters that we plastered on their doors and in the capitol hallways.)

One week, we visited legislators’ offices and prayed for our children and families and teachers and schools. That week, we wrote out our personal prayers and posted them up all over.

(Other groups have begun posting things on the capitol walls too.)

One week, we celebrated Graie, our organizer’s birthday, and had a meeting with education leaders.

This last week, we responded to legislators’ claims that they don’t know where to get funds for our schools. We passed out “hundred dollar bills” emblazoned with a message: “$400 M. Increase for PA Public Schools.”

On the 28th, we want a much larger crowd. We’ll rally in the Capitol Rotunda from 12 noon to 1 pm. We will visit legislators. We will march to the State Education Building. Will you join us?

Reserve your place on the bus right here. We especially want children to join us on June 28. And then help us get others to come too!

(For more info., speak with Michael C. or Barbara G.)