What Are We Doing with the Sanctuary Windows?

What Are We Doing with the Sanctuary Windows?

Last Sunday, after worship a group of members interested in what we were doing with the sanctuary windows met with Philip Scott of KSK Architects, our architectural consultants, to consider restoration or replacement of our sanctuary windows. We learned that it is the windows that are one of the main historic features. It’s is the number 1 factor in determining if an historic site is historic. We have 6 original windows in our sanctuary. We have 3 windows from the time period the building was used as a paint warehouse and 11 windows that were installed when the congregation (we) moved back in 1967.
We reviewed the proposals and learned that the replacement proposal calls for a large insulated glass with the panes being defined by wood pieces mounted onto the glass. There are some advantages to this type of window. It would fit tighter and likely require less maintenance. The disadvantage, however, is that it will look different, not allow in as much light and, on the whole, it may be historical looking but it won’t be historic.

At the time of this meeting we did not have estimates from the organizations recommended by KSK for restoration of the windows. We discussed these organizations and the work they do. The general consensus of the group was that if there was not a significant cost difference between the cost of replacing and that cost of restoring, that restoration would be preferred. We were cautioned that our timeline is ambitious in that the restoration contractors may need more lead time and won’t be able to start until next year.

The great news is that we received the bids after the meeting and it is about the same cost to restore as it would be to replace. Even better news, the bid that we will be presenting for approval from the congregation is from an organization that can start the work in October 2016.

Thanks to all who attended the meeting. Thanks to Philip for the information he shared. Thanks to God for this wonderful gift of a place to worship and practice the behaviors of love revealed through Jesus Christ.

Beth Walker, Chair of the Capital Campaign Construction Committee