Winter Weather Plans for this Weekend (01.23-24)

Winter Weather Plans for this Weekend (01.23-24)

As of midday Friday, it sounds as if the city is closing and the sky is falling. We will be all right, because God is with us, even in a blizzard.

The shelter may be “sheltered in place” the whole weekend. Or not.

The Saturday breakfast and clothing ministry will occur. Since sometimes inclement weather reduces our number of volunteers, if you would like — and can make it safely — consider joining. The Virtuous Women have already prepared and dropped off breakfast, and Beth W. and friends will need to get it reheated and served. Your help will be useful.

On Sunday we’ll have worship services as usual at 11 am, as I can walk from home. When weather is inclement, we remind people that God is everywhere, and if it’s not safe, you should stay home. God is with you. You can always worship there, even just you and God.

On such days, I post the Scripture texts and the sermon to our website and our Facebook page. I think I will also add our prayer list this time. You can pray for those mentioned as well as your other prayers. If you want to include a fellowship component, make a call or two, to check on someone in the storm or just to catch up with them.

Church on extreme weather Sundays is usually affected. The numbers often drop (as does the collection…so don’t forget to send in your offering!), and that allows us to be more informal and personal. We sometimes “circle up” up front, do introductions, sing favorite hymns (those we can manage without accompaniment if we are without a musician, or invite an impromptu guest musician), invite open prayer… and it ends up a very nice, worshipful experience.

But do not try to make it here if you cannot do so safely. God’s most interested in your well-being!