Winter Weather Update – Sunday, Jan 20

Winter Weather Update – Sunday, Jan 20

There is snow in the forecast again, though we have heard conflicting reports whether or not we are facing another white Sunday morning. But, it is winter, and perhaps a good time to rehearse our winter weather policy.

Michael can get to church. Yes, he can ride his bike in the snow! Or take the subway, or if it’s closed, he can walk. No matter how bad the weather. So, the weather will never be a reason for him not to be here to open up the church. If you can get to Old First safely, there will be church, even if only with a few of us (those are some of the most special Sundays, with a really intimate, but hardy blizzard crowd). It may not be Sunday as usual, but we will get the walks cleared and go on with church.

(If you want to check conditions down at church, please call Michael on his cell (215-990-7383), as Sunday mornings have him moving around too much to answer the church phone or even check the messages).

All that said, please be safe. It makes no sense trying to get to church if that is risky for you. God will be with you at home.

On most snowy mornings, Michael makes sure that the readings are on the Facebook page. We would always welcome you taking some worshipful time alone to pray for the people of this community, individually if you can! Sometimes Michael can even share the sermon before church, so you can “worship along with us from home.” God is with you, whether you are here or there. You know what you need to do to be safe.