Women's Retreat Planned for Winter 2012

Life is busy these days. We all have multiple  obligations to family, work and volunteer organizations. Finding ways of caring for ourselves can be a challenge.

The Community Life Standing Leadership Group is planning a retreat for women focused on “Relaxation and Stress  Relief.” Although we aren’t able to report the details of the date, time and program yet, we can fill you in on our planning so far:

  • The retreat, which will be for adult women, will include programming such as yoga, crafts, nurturing relationships and self care. There will also be ample free time for getting to know one another or simply drinking in some quiet time.
  • It will to be held on a weekend in January or February 2012 at a location within about an hour’s drive of Old First.
  • Fees are not set at this point, but they will be comparable to what you might pay for a retreat elsewhere. We hope to be able to offer financial assistance–confidentially administered by the pastor–for those unable to pay the full fee.

Old First Women, please respond to the short survey that you received in your email. The survey will help us gauge the interest of the women of the congregation.

If you have ideas or suggestions for this retreat or would be willing to help the planning committee, please contact Suzanne Cole or the Church Office.