Working Down the Punch List

Working Down the Punch List

We are getting closer to the final work in the Sanctuary. 

Colin is quietly painting everyday. We appreciate his caring work and appreciation for our sacred space. 

Sometimes it’s hard to recognize the finished work because he is simply covering what has been the signs of not-yet-completed renovations. 

But, you will certainly notice the installation of the A / V tech equipment. 

  • The cameras are positioned. 
  • The technicians are very excited about the placement of the audio speakers— they believe it is just right to maximize the sound quality and coverage for the congregation. 
  • If the monitors are up, remember they won’t be as noticeable once they are turned on and most often displaying a nondescript version of the church’s logo. 

There has been great progress on the A / V installation this week. We are thankful for the interactive way that JD and Jeff have engaged us in figuring out how to customize the system for how we hope to use it. 

We may have the basic sound system working this week (instead of the “low-tech” portable speaker and soundboard we have been using since we started meeting in person in the summer of 2021). 

God-willing and if we can find a time that works to get people together for training, we should retire the 3-laptop and 2 cellphone system that has served us well enough for the beginning of hybrid worship and start using our built-in system in the next few weeks. 

I’m expecting a sort of rocky launch (it’s a complicated system), but we can only learn by doing, and we have learned to count on your understanding with our tech clumsiness. 

The next big step forward will begin the day after Anniversary Sunday on Monday, Sept. 26. Tobias and Christina, our electricians, will be back with a motorized lift. 

They will be adding 3 fixtures with 4 spotlights each over the chancel for both accent lighting for the reredos and more light on the chancel platform. They will also be updating the lighting over the “high ceiling” (everywhere but over the balcony) to bring more light to the main floor level. 

To do all this, we will need to move the chairs out of the center of the church. (I will be asking for help with moving the chairs after worship on the 25th).

We will be using this need to move the chairs as our first occasion for taking advantage of our Sanctuary’s flexibility and rearranging the seating. So when we gather on October 2 for World Communion Sunday, we will have the communion table in the center of us as we face one another. The liturgy will allow us to take advantage of the arrangement so that we serve one another communion in small groups. 

And of course, Janice and Reuben are there working on the tech desk and the new paneling behind the monitors and an ongoing list of details we benefit from on account of their skills, efforts and care. 

This is all good. Can’t wait to see you on the 25th for our 295th Anniversary and our first all church potluck in over 2 and 1/2 years (outside, weather permitting!)