Worship Back at 11 am (as the program year has gotten started)

Worship Back at 11 am (as the program year has gotten started)

We went back to the 11 Worship hour on Sept. 8. (And will continue until so until next summer.)

Sunday School got off with a lovely Spirit Day of the young and the young at heart making art for the Sunday School rooms out in the front courtyard, under the Oak tree and the doves.

Rich Forcier introduced us to Julia, Kayla and Margaret — the first three people to form our Young Adult Service Community. They are living in the Fox Building. And they will begin their work this week. There’s a potluck picnic on Saturday (in the courtyard at 1:30 pm) at which you can begin to meet them and welcome them personally.

We had guests in worship. And we had regulars who are there every week. We also had regulars who we haven’t seen so much with the summer holidays. And we had Julie’s parents, Mark and Ellie, who now live in Warminster! (And Julie’s sister, Amy, who says we’ll see more of since all her family is here now.)

If you didn’t make it back last Sunday, we missed you. But you have another opportunity this coming Sunday, Sept. 15. We’ll gather in the Sanctuary at 11 for worship. At 9:45, Sunday School will meet… And after worship, people who want to join the church are staying for lunch and a new members’ class…

If you have any questions about this burst of energy, call the church office and ask to talk with our Administrator Mindy or the Pastor Michael.

But it’s nice to get going again…