Opportunities to Serve in Worship

Opportunities to Serve in Worship

Old First is committed to having more people serve as worship leaders– liturgists, lectors, musicians, acolytes. Different people, voices, styles, experiences are a visible sign of our celebration of diversity and a sure promise of our wide-open welcome.

Ibidun Awoyale, serving as our Worship Leadership Coordinator, is recruiting volunteers to serve as lectors (the person who reads the Scriptures in worship) and liturgists (the person who helps the pastor lead worship in the gathering words, confession, affirmation of faith and offering). Our website offers more information about what lectors and liturgists do– check “Worship Leaders” under the “Serve” tab.

There are openings beginning in the month of April through to the end of year.If you feel called to serve in one of these capacities, please let Ibidun know which role you feel called to and which Sundays might suit your schedule. Confirmations will be emailed out as soon as possible, as this will allow you to note for your calendar as well. Ibidun will also provide a reminder e-mail a week ahead of schedule.

Ibidun has also taken over responsibility for recruiting children to serve as acolytes (the child who lights the candles during the opening hymn and extinguishes them during the benediction response). Pleae let Ibidun know of children, who are at least seven years old, who want to serve.

You may speak to Ibidun at worship on Sundays, or look up her contact info. in the new directory, or the church office can help you get in touch with her.

We are also trying to use Julie’s sabbatical as Musical Director as an opportunity to try some different musical combinations and to enlist the help of more and different musicians. If you would like to offer your musical talents to add to our worship, please be in touch with our Interim Director of Music, Tim Kuntz.