Worship SLG Decides on Front Pews

Worship SLG Decides on Front Pews

The Worship SLG, as it had pre-announced, at its meeting on Sunday, Feb. 19, decided that the sideways pews at the front of the sanctuary that were removed temporarily at the beginning of Advent will remain gone. The space created by their absence is helpful for worship purposes. It is also esthetically pleasing.

Members of the Worship SLG were joined by members of the church who wanted to have their input included in the decision.

The Worship SLG made no decision on what to do with the pews that have been removed. They are currently stored in the balcony. The Elders have recognized a need to create a general policy on the disposition of church property. They asked the Worship SLG to wait on the creation of this policy before making any decision on what to do with the pews.

The Worship SLG also began to focus on recommendations for the next steps — removing pews at the back of the sanctuary to create more space and flexibility. The plan they are working on involves removing two pews all the way across the back. They have asked Michael to work on getting some images that would show what that would look like. They have also asked Janice Smith to work up the costs of the carpentry involved.

Janice is also working on their other interest: the costs and drawings for building two small closets under the stairs to the balcony at the front of the sanctuary. These would be used for storing worship items.

Once the Worship SLG has collected all the information on these next suggestions, they will go about sharing the information with other leadership groups and the whole congregation as the first step in eliciting everyone’s input and responses.

If you have any questions, please speak with Wanda.