Worship Summit Is Being Planned

Worship Summit Is Being Planned

As we look forward to Fall and the installation of our full audio / visual system in the Sanctuary for worship, the Worship Standing Leadership Group is planning a meeting – a Summit of sorts. We are currently looking for a good date and time, which we will announce as soon as we settle on it. 

But the idea is that we need to start now bringing together the people and brainstorming the innovation and ideas we need for these next steps. 

First, we want to begin working together on how hybrid worship will work once the system is installed. We will be inviting the people who have expressed an interest in serving on the tech team. If you are interested, let Michael know or plan to join “the Summit” when it is announced. 

Second, we need to get back into the habit of setting up and putting away after worship. Currently, there is even more to do on both ends of the service, because there is tech set up to do too. All of this is leaving Michael a bit frazzled by the time worship starts. 

Some of the work needed is what traditionally the Ushers have done. So we are inviting the people who were Ushers before the pandemic started. But if you might want to be an usher, now would be a good time to get involved. We will announce when “the Summit” is going to be.  

We have so much going on here these days. And we want to do it well, for service to God and the people of God! We need your input! Would you consider joining the Worship SLG for this Summit meeting?