Would You Offer A Reflection on Good Friday?

Would You Offer A Reflection on Good Friday?

For the last couple years, we have invited Old Firsters to offer their meditations on Jesus’ Seven Last Words for our Good Friday Evening Service (March 29 at 7 pm). Along with our musicians who offer musical meditations, it’s made for a moving way to get through a difficult worship experience.

It’s sort of like “lessons and carols,” but with more of the reflections on the meaning of the religious event coming from our contemporary experiences (instead of the biblical writers).

We’re asking again. Julie is working on getting our musicians lined up. It’s my job to invite the people who will offer a spoken reflection. Whether you have come to Old First for years, or last Sunday was your first time, you are invited.

If you have a word you’d like to contribute, let me know which of the tradition’s last seven words you will begin with…

The Seven Last Words:

1 Father forgive them, for they know not what they do
2 Today you will be with me in paradise
3 Behold your son: behold your mother
4 My God, my God, why have you forsaken me
5 I thirst
6 It is finished
7 Father, into your hands I commit my spirit

(Thanks to Julie for the reference that might guide you as you think about what you wish to share with us. But remember: we are not expecting a scholarly explanation, but your reflection of how this event touches your faith.)

I don’t want to end by saying that I’m looking forward to Good Friday. But i am looking forward to the worship on Good Friday that is created when good people offer their deeper thoughts on a very difficult subject.

— Michael