Wrapping Up Blanket Sunday

Wrapping Up Blanket Sunday

The end of May is upon us which means we are wrapping up our Blanket Sunday project. If you requested CWS Blanket Sunday cards be sent to your recipient, they went out earlier this week. There is still time if you would like to make a donation or honor someone special in your life. Just send a check or electronic payment with a note or email of who is to be honored.  As we conclude this month of charitable contributions, I will share with you some of the facts from CWS that reflect where the funds and supplies go.



In 2019, a total of 154,334 blankets and hygiene kits were distributed. 

96,000 of those kits went to individuals in the United States and 58,000 were distributed internationally. 

The Dominican Republic received 180 hygiene kits and 120 school kits.

Ecuador received 275 blankets, 300 hygiene kits, and 480 school kits.

Greece received 15,000 school kits.

Syria received 27,960 hygiene kits and 13,980 school kits. 

In the United States: 7,800 school kits, 9,143 emergency cleanup buckets, 19,923 hygiene kits, and 59,173 blankets.