YASC planning, leadership & invitation

YASC planning, leadership & invitation

The YASC ministry team is in planning mode for 2015-2016 service community, and we invite you to join us to talk about the goals for the coming year. We will meet on December 14th after worship in the CE building for a short time to talk with anyone who might be interested in being involved. (This is also photos at the crèche day, and the Sunday School will be having pageant practice.)

We also have leadership positions available. Billi will not be leading the ministry team next year, and we are seeking someone to either fill the role or to co-chair with another ministry team member.

Responsibilities of the “host church coordinator” include:
~Interviewing and hiring volunteers
~Coordinating with national church regarding volunteer placement and paperwork
~Communicating and coordinating the leadership team at Old First
~Working with Sojourner to plan orientation week, mid-year retreat, and other educational components
~Communicating with the YASC participants regularly
~Communicating and coordinating with other host church coordinators, including a fall retreat.

This is a time commitment that is very heavy from July-November and February-March during recruitment, beginning of the year, and the final month.

The ministry team also aims to meet once monthly to check-in on the community and discuss issues and future planning.

If you’re interested in a leadership role, please contact Billi, or the church office who can forward you the actual job description from the United Church of Christ.