YASC: Service Community on Hold for 2015 -2016

YASC: Service Community on Hold for 2015 -2016

You may have been wondering why we aren’t bustling around with applications for new Young Adult Service Community partners and participants? This is usually a busy time of the year for the YASC ministry team but we have good reason for the silence.

The ministry team has decided to take one year off from hosting a community of young adults. We’d like to take this year to improve our program by increasing public relations and our applicant pool, and developing a stronger support network for YASC participants at Old First to help them be more successful in their placement.

We are seeking out anyone who would like to join us as we dream a bigger dream. Do you have some ideas and some energy for making our year with our Young Adult interns a better and more productive experience?

Some of our goals:

• Provide training when YASC volunteers arrive so that they are aware of mental health issues (their own and their housemates). Communication training also.
• Develop a ministry team that is responsible for all YASC tasks so that everything does not fall on the office staff.
• Create a built in social network of Old First people (host families, companies, and others) who will help the community ministers as they settled in to Philadelphia and service work
• Advertise our program widely; get a larger, diverse applicant pool.
If you’re interested in helping us create our vision for 2016-2017 please feel free to contact me or Maranda P.

Thank you,
Billi C

Editor’s note: The YASC Community Ministry Team’s decision affects both staffing decisions for our Outreach Ministries and building use of the apartment in the Fox Building. Both the Outreach SLG and the Administrative SLG have been notified, and leaders are thinking about both questions. If you have any ideas of suggestions, you may talk with Steve W. (Outreach SLG) or Jonathan V. (Administration SLG) or Billi or Maranda.