You Can Help Old First By Completing Your Pledge Before the End of the Year

You Can Help Old First By Completing Your Pledge Before the End of the Year

Old First, according to our Treasurer Adam Sherr, is looking to end its financial year on December 31 in the black. Thanks be to God and the generosity of God’s people. If we accomplish this goal, it will be the third consecutive year in the black after ten years of deficits.

Right now we are still running a deficit, but, judging from past years’ performances, Adam believes we are within hitting range of closing the gap.

December is always a nervous month, since we receive a disproportionate amount of our contributions in the last month, even the last few weeks of the year. Your treasurer is always in the church office on New Year’s Eve, making sure he gets that last deposit in!

If everyone catches up on their pledges, we would easily end this year in a strong financial situation.

But we know that not everyone will be able to do that. Other financial demands, often made worse this year by un- and under-employment and other effects of the financial downturn, mean that inevitably not everyone will contribute as much as he or she hoped to.

We appreciate whatever people can share to support the ministries of this church. And we believe that we are using your contributions wisely, creatively, faithfully to make a difference in the world and in individuals’ lives.

In these last few weeks of the year, for those who can, catching up and completing your pledge can make a very big difference. You might almost say that your donated dollars count more as the calendar and financial years count down too.

If you have question about your pledge, please contact Gerry Woodruffe, our Financial Secretary. Questions about the budget or our financial process can be directed to Adam Sherr.