You Can't Unopen Your Eyes: Old First E-pistle 04.04.13

You Can't Unopen Your Eyes: Old First E-pistle 04.04.13

You can’t unopen your eyes!

You can close them. And try to forget. You can squint. You can wish you had better vision. Didn’t need glasses. Could see in the dark. Or had x-ray vision.

You can pretend you haven’t seen. Or that you got something in your eye. Or that someone else has a log in his eye. You can even deny that you ever saw. Or point instead to someone else’s “blindness.”

But once your eyes have been opened, well, there’s no going back… That’s what “after Easter” reminds me of. How now we need to figure out what this incredible story means for the rest of our lives.

It’s sort of like that blinding and blinking that happens right when you have come into the light after being in the dark for a long time. Let’s say, spelunking all morning. Or at an afternoon movie. Emerged from the cave or the theater (or the tomb!), you are overwhelmed by how bright it is. It’s so blindingly light we feel we can’t see! But still, one can’t unopen one’s eyes!

We may wish or try to go back to our old lives. Pretend none of it ever happened. Try to forget it all. Duck the challenges, dip under the promise. We can try and run back into the dark.

But even there, we’ll remember the light. How our eyes were trying to acclimate so we could really begin to use all those lightwaves and see like we’ve never seen before.

So… if we can bear with the glare for a time, we begin to see better and better.

Are you brave enough to admit that you are now living in a world where there’s no going back to normal? Can you find the courage to welcome a new, clear day?

After resurrection, things aren’t going back. You CAN see clearly now. Rise and look around you… That’s the change this risen Jesus makes. We can’t even count on darkness and death anymore. We have seen and can see in a new and great light.

Church, what would your life look like if you began wondering, wandering into this brightness of this new creation, living into “what else” resurrection makes possible?

What barriers would you see through?

What obstacles could you see beyond?

What endings would turn out to be your new beginning?

See you in church,
(I know it’s just a pastor’s idle dream, but what if everyone from last Sunday came back to church again this week?)