You Got a Christian Letter In You?

You Got a Christian Letter In You?

Ever wonder about who the authors of Paul’s 14 letters in the Bible really were? Or about the other letter-writers who made it into the sacred canon, John, Peter, James and Jude?

Ever wonder how people other than Michael are guest E-pistle-ists for the Old First community sometimes? The simple answer is, if you got an E-pistle in you, let the pastor know so he can get it out of you and share it with the rest of the community. Sometimes people will be sharing some passion of theirs and Michael will suggest, “it sounds like you might have an E-pistle to write?”

Michael is open — indeed wants — to having other authors, voices, experiences and perspectives shared through our weekly e-mailings.

And he’s looking now for guest E-pistle-ists for August, when he is taking some time off, to rest and restore. If you have something to say and share, or if you just want to help him out, please consider writing an E-pistle!

Just let him know of your interest, so he can schedule one for each week…