Young Adult Potluck BBQ on Thursday, Aug. 1 @ 7 p.m.

Young Adult Potluck BBQ on Thursday, Aug. 1 @ 7 p.m.

The Young Adults are getting together on Thursday evening, August 1 at Jonathan and Megan’s house. Why? Because they have fun when they get together.

Who’s invited? Anyone who wants to come really. But the invite is directed at the young people.

Many of our fellowship groups have some demographic description, but hardly a demographic limitation. And you all prove it. Non-singers show up at the Choir Picnic. Heterosexual women tag along for Gay Men’s Night Out. And the whole church has been invited to the Middle School Youth’s Tubing this Sunday…

We say the young adults are folks between the age of 20 and 35. But they grandparent Michael in. And sometimes others come too. Since we’ve invited a bunch of young adults new to Old First, even if you aren’t such a young adult, but are new, feel free to let the Atwoods know you will be there, and what you are going to bring to share.

Pretty much anyone from this community would be welcome.

But there’s a deeper reason why they should get together…

In these last years, as we’ve been welcoming new people, we’ve found out that unless our people get together outside of worship, even beyond fellowship hour, we hardly get to know each other. Not just the young adults, but the whole church. Church can never be stronger than the relations that make it up– our relation with God and with one another.

If you want to come on August 1, let Jonathan A. or Megan know (and what you will bring to share). Or you can just call the church office…