Young Adults Ice Cream Night Out

Young Adults Ice Cream Night Out

July is national ice cream month? Who would have known? The young adults seem to keep up with such news…

Meeting informally and irregularly, but monthly nonetheless, the Young Adults have created one of the more regular, diverse and growing fellowship groups at Old First in this past year. Perhaps that’s not surprising as they represent the single largest group of newcomers the church has welcomed– 5/6 of the last new members’ class (sorry, Mike W.!)

So on Thursday, July 28, the Young Adults gathering is going to be an Ice Cream Outing.

All are welcome (it’s church!)– even those who aren’t exactly chronologically in the 21 to 35 year old set (sorry Michael C. and Mindy!)

So, even if you just want an excuse to eat some ice cream, or hang out for awhile… Come on to Philly Flavors, 2004 Fairmount Ave. at 8 pm. (The event is scheduled until 11 pm– that’s a lot of ice cream!!!)