Young Adults Potluck at Michael's New House, 09.13.12 @ 7 p.m.

Young Adults Potluck at Michael's New House, 09.13.12 @ 7 p.m.

The Young Adults haven’t had one of their get-togethers for too long. (They used to be more or less monthly!) And there’s a whole bunch of new peers to welcome and get to know…

Everyone keeps asking Michael when he’s having a housewarming party. But the idea of a big party makes Michael nervous! He’s sort of like Mary Richards when it comes to hosting parties (that’s a reference that’s too old for the Young Adults unless the recognize it from Nick at Night reruns!). So he’s decided to just have a series of smaller groups over.

He didn’t really intend it this way, but it’s as if he’s starting with the youngest at church and working upward! Before Daniel, Jackson, Jordana and Tyler left for college, Michael had the youth over for a barbecue. Now, with Beth Davis’ help, he’s invited all the young adults (loosely defined at the 20 to 35 year olds) over for a potluck dinner.

As with all fellowship at church, these are open invites, and a great time to get to know folks better. (Worship and church meetings sometimes don’t leave a lot of time for small talk!) If you wish to come, just speak to Michael or Beth, so you can let them know what you will bring, and they can give you directions…

It would be really great to see all the new faces as well as the folks who first constituted the Young Adults at Old First. And anyway, we have babies on the way, and as we teased Kristen and Hans, we’re not sure that Jill and Greg and Melisha and Ivelisse still count as young adults after they become parents! (By the way, kids are welcome too!)