Young Children's Toys Available for the Giving

Young Children's Toys Available for the Giving

Sean, a neighbor stopped by today out of the blue. Not even anyone we know. He wondered if we could receive a donation of toys for Christmas. He’s a Spanish teacher at Northeast Regional High School over in New Jersey where they took up a collection.

Michael had to think for a minute. Do we have a means for distributing these toys before Christmas? Do we have the time and energy to take on one more project right now? He decided that we always serve enough people who don’t have sufficient income, and this might make for a much nicer Christmas for a child in their life.

He told Sean we could accept them. Ten minutes later, Sean was back with two big bags full of tosy, mostly for very young children.

Just about then Billi walked into the office. They agreed that we can offer them to the guests at our Saturday Food and Clothing Cupboard. But if there is anyone else in the life of our congregation who could use a toy to gift to a child for Christmas, please let Michael know before Saturday morning.

And thanks to Sean and the students of Northeast Regional High School for thinking of and helping us and the people we serve.