Your Presence Needed 9.19, 5-6  PM at Arch St. UMC

Your Presence Needed 9.19, 5-6  PM at Arch St. UMC

We need your presence to demand accountability of HRI Properties L.L.C., the New Orleans based developer of the Aloft Hotel that is going up at 101 Broad St. They have accepted public funds, money we’ve paid in taxes, and are reneging on promises made to provide median wage jobs and substantial improvements to the community that would benefit low wage workers.

As an outgrowth of our work with POWER, Old First became a founding member of Center City Organized for Responsible Development, CCORD. Our first project became the Aloft Hotel which will be across from Arch St. UMC.

The hotel developer has secured $183,000 per room in taxpayer money meant to have a “material improvement in the lives of residents of low income communities.” In other words, there is supposed to be a community benefit for the $33 Million in public funding designated for this project. For months, neither the hotel developer nor management have been willing to meet with us, or even respond to emails or phone calls regarding what the benefit might be

Additionally, the developer promised 170 full time, median income jobs, 115 jobs from a “destination restaurant” that has been dropped from the plan. The jobs that have been created so far pay less than the median income they proposed.

Please print out and post the attached invitation to the rally at Arch St. UMC on Tuesday September 19 from 5-6PM. Put it on the fridge as a reminder for yourself and hand one to a friend or co-worker and encourage him/her to go with you.

Help us hold HRI Properties’ feet to the fire and use our hard earned tax dollars to support those most in need in our community. It’s an outrage!  The only things that work with developers and politicians is organized money or organized people.  Together we can make a difference, but numbers count.

I’ll be there and hope to see you, too.

Clark Dingman, Old First POWER co-chair