Youth Group on 3rd (?) Saturdays @ 5 pm

Youth Group on 3rd (?) Saturdays @ 5 pm

Starting on Sept. 19 (tentatively), we’ll again have Youth Group for middle schoolers (5th to 9th graders). This year Adam S. and Maranda P. will be helping Michael with it.

Though last year, with Confirmation Class, we didn’t have Youth Group, but this year, we want to try it again. It was a nice alternative for our young people — a different format and feel than Sunday mornings, it attracted kids that Sunday School wasn’t serving.

We usually organized it around a single theme or question, and tried to make it as interactive as possible. Each meeting was coupled with pizza for dinner, and we asked each participant to contribute $5. if possible to that cost. And we were finished by about 7 p.m. This year looks to be a similar program.

Please spread the word: two years ago, our OF kids invited their friends, and it became a way for us to involve new kids in our community and ministry. Youth Group is open to all kids within these grades!

If you have any questions, please speak to Michael, Adam or Maranda. (And families of youth in this age group, please let us know if the third Sunday doesn’t work for your schedules.)