Advent Day 27

Jesse Tree Devotions - like a short course in the faith before Christmas to remind us faith is about real lives like ours.

Advent Day 26

A Little New Life

Advent Day 25

A Prophet's Tantrum in a Tower?

Advent Day 24

Who Do You Look Like?

Advent Day 23

Three Trees

Advent Day 22

A Breath of Fresh Air

Advent Day 21

Making a Move

Advent Day 20

We Are Family

Advent Day 19

Making the Connections

Advent Day 18

Loving Those Who Hate Us

Advent Day 17

Making the Way Safe for Us

Advent Day 16

Someone Who Will Save Us

Advent Day 15

The Last and the Least

Advent Day 14

A Shepherd and a King

Advent Day 13

Holiness Where?

Advent Day 12

A Different Kind of Power

Advent Day 11

Our Risks for Others

Advent Day 10

Our Promise of Dawn

Advent Day 9

The Peaceable Kingdom

Advent Day 8

Listening to God

Advent Day 7

Standing Brave By God

Advent Day 6

Prophecy and Promises

Advent Day 5

Quiet Down and Listen for God

Advent Day 4

Are You Ready?

Advent Day 3

How A Child Can Change Us!

Advent Day 2

Caring About God More than Ourselves

Advent Day 1

Jesus Comes Again!

Christmas Day 0

A Birth Announcement

Christmas Day 1

The Gifts of Faith

Christmas Day 2

Who Tells the Story

Christmas Day 3

Save Us from What?

Christmas Day 4

Salt of the Earth

Christmas Day 5

Can We Do Better?

Christmas Day 6

What Is it Time For?

Christmas Day 7

What's in a Name?

Christmas Day 8

Giving Jesus the Reins

Christmas Day 9

Maybe You Need to be Fruitier?

Christmas Day 10

Keep It Going

Christmas Day 11

What Gift Can I Bring?

Christmas Day 12

Bless Your Home
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