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Our Hearts and Our Door are Open

We Love Fresh Faces

As soon as you walk into the doors of Old First you will understand why we are so excited to make every new person feel welcome. Each member who passes through our lives and our hearts adds to the richness of our community and the love in our lives.

You are welcome here and can’t wait to get to know you! Check out some of the great things we do to  bring new folks into the fold.

Old First United Church of Christ
Old First UCC Old City


Will you be visiting on Sunday? Great! We hang out on Sundays.

We’re almost always doing something after services. Typically a group heads out for a drink, bunch or for an event in Center City. Share your go-to spot, or check out some of our favorite places in Old City. We’d love to have you with us. Let us know in advance so we can be sure to look for you after the service.

Personal Meetups

If you have questions or are looking to meet someone before going to your first service our members will be happy to come to you.

Our welcoming committee is a group of our members who make that first step easier by coming to you and giving you a strong friend to stand by so you’ll never feel alone in a church full of people.


To sign up or for more information please fill out our contact form. Be sure to let us know a couple of times and dates you’re available. Want us to come to you? Let us know your neighborhood (in Philly) or Town/State (outside Philly)

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