Love First-Our Credo

Welcome to Old First. We gather together here, because our church draws people who love god’s openness and acceptance and faith. God’s love is shown through the congregation’s warmth, kindness, benefit of the doubt, support, loyalty, and grace. We are happy for everyone who walks through our door because god’s is a part of you. So come as you are because every quirk and wrinkle is in that perfect image.

We are a non-creedal church which means you do not have to believe or affirm a particular set of stated beliefs to belong or to feel comfortable. We encourage doubts and questions, and we value rethinking our theology together.

All you need is Love

We Love Fresh Faces

New in town? Just discovering Christianity, or looking for a way back into the fold? Simply looking for a place to feel loved?

Welcome Home.

There are tons of ways to be involved, check out the different things we do to welcome new members into the fold. We cannot wait to get to know you.

Hangout With Us

Rev. Michael Caine

Pastor & Teacher

Michael’s gift to Old First is his unwavering conviction that participating in a church can have a powerful impact on your personal life. He helps us envision new ways to be faithful members of Christ’s church, within the context of our numerous roles in our families, communities, nation and world.

Since coming to Old First, Michael has helped widen our welcome to groups that typically don’t show up at church. Looking to get to know the church better? Have a coffee with pastor Michael. He’s happy to come to you, no matter where you are on life’s journey.

Meet Michael
The Rev. Michael Caine
Our Denomination

United Church of Christ

Old First is one of over 5000 congregations across the United States that belong to the United Church of Christ (UCC). With colonial-era beginnings going back to the Pilgrims in New England and German immigrants in Pennsylvania, the UCC is a church with deep roots in the American story.